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14 April 1985
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I think you smell
adult swim, anna friel, aphex twin, aqua teen hunger force, art deco, art nouveau, aubrey beardsley, augustus hill, autechre, babies, bad makeup, baking, bay area, big boobs, blackheads, boobs, cavies, cavy, charlie day, cheesecake, chris keller, christopher meloni, cooking, cosmetology, cuddling, cut, dance 360, dance360, degrassi, depeche mode, dogs, donburi, dunk hi, dunks, dye, electro, elijah wood, elliot stabler, europop, eyeshadow, fanfiction, fifty24sf, filipino food, free, free shit, free stuff, freestyle, french fries, golden state warriors, guinea pigs, hair, haircut, hairstyles, harry potter, high school musical, hugging, hyphy, jacqueline carey, japanese food, jodeci, julie plug, kdphi, kissing, kushiel, la femme, law & order, law & order: svu, law and order: svu, leaked albums, lee pace, lifetime, lifetime movies, love, m.a.c., mac, mac cosmetics, mac dre, make up, makeup, miami bass, miami ink, milani, mindless self imdulgence, money, more money, mst3k, mu-ziq, my family, mystery science theater 3000, new order, nicole richie, nike, nin, no socks, ohnotheydidnt, orchids, oz, paris hilton, photography, pibbles, pitbulls, plastic surgery, plus size modeling, polynesian tribal, pretty eyebrows, promise rings, pushing daisies, ramen, res, rho class, san francisco 49ers, san francisco giants, sfx makeup, shai, sjsu, soul4real, special effects makeup, stenciling, stencilling, stencils, stretchmarks, sunny in philadelphia, sushi, svh, svu, sweet valley, sweet valley high, swv, tacky people, the bad plus, the cure, the office, the prodigy, tobias beecher, tofu, tom servo, tribal, tribal tattoo, udon, ugly people, upper playground, v.c. andrews, vintage hair, whiteheads, will ferell, writing, xscape, yay!, zero7


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